Central Park 5k

Sunday, March 28, 2021 Denver, CO 80238 US Directions
Virtual Race FAQs

For general in-person race-related questions, please visit the main website. You may also find answers to some of our general 3W FAQs here.

Here are Virtual Racing FAQs related to the virtual event for this race:

When you sign up to run the Virtual Central Park 5k, you may run ANYTIME! That's the beauty of a virtual race! Most virtual racers will run on their own on the same day as the in-person event (March 28th), but you can run before OR after that date! The virtual race RESULTS (and the ability to log your results) will be open from March 26th through March 31st. See below for more common virtual FAQs!


WHEN should I run this?
You can run this ANYTIME you desire!  Many participants will be running on the originally scheduled date/weekend, March 28, 2021, but that’s the benefit of a virtual event.  Only the RACE is virtual – the RUN is REAL, WHENEVER you choose to do it.  Want to run now?  That’s fine! Need to wait? That's fine, too.

WHERE should I run this?
That is 100% your choice.  You can run the real course on a different day/time than the in-person event or run around your neighborhood! You can run outside anywhere you'd like or take your miles to the treadmill!  If you choose to run outdoors, please take every precaution ordered in your area. You can find the real course HERE. The real course is enabled with the RaceJoy APP as well. That means you can start Race Joy and it will guide you through the real course with some fun motivation to go along. With Race Joy, your friends and family can also track you as you run! In addition, you can use "Race Joy Anywhere" for this race and that will allow you to use the APP for your virtual race. When you use Race Joy (for anywhere or for the real course), your time/results will automatically post! 

How do I report my TIME?
The virtual results submission link is active from March 26th to March 31, 2021.  Use THIS LINK and follow the prompts when you click "submit virtual results!" You don't have to submit a time; there is an option to just mark your race as complete.

If you miss that window and still want to report your results, you'll have to email us at info@3wraces.com and we can manually import your time on the back end.

Are TIMES verified?
No.  For the virtual event, times reported are on the ‘honor system’. 

WILL RESULTS be posted?
You bet! As more and more people submit their time, preliminary results will be on the RESULTS page of the website. The final virtual results will be most accurate on April 1st.

Will participants be rewarded based on PERFORMANCE?
Not for the virtual race, because participants are running in different locations, times, etc., we will not award anything based on performance.  

HOW will I get my SWAG?
You can attend advance packet pick up to pick up your virtual goodie bag! HERE'S THE DATE/TIME/LOCATION. If you can't make it to advanced packet pick up, packets/swag will be mailed the day after the live event and will be sent through USPS. If your address associated with this race is outdated, EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY, info@3WRaces.com We also recommend you update your profile too, but this will only affect FUTURE registrations. 

To see what address is associated with THIS Registration...go to RunSignUp.com, click Profile in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down to find this race. Click "manage registration" and you'll see what address is associated with this specific race! 

To update your address for FUTURE registration (not just 3W Races events, but any race that uses Run Sign Up, Go to RunSignUp.com Click on "Profile" where you may then edit your personal details.   If your address is not in RunSignUp, you may add it now.

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